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Order "Earth Angel" Now
I am pleased to announce that Earth Angel is now available at InTheBookstand.com, which features books by today's best indie authors, in the Fiction/Drama section.

"One-Hundred and Twenty Acres, Not Forty-Acres and a Mule"
Boston University's Acting Dean for Faculty Research and Development & Director of Interdisciplinary Center and Learning, Megan Sullivan, recently informed J. Moffett Walker that her essay " One-Hundred and Twenty Acres, Not Forty-Acres and a Mule" was accepted for publication in the institution's summer edition of Impact Magazine.The retired teacher/counselor and author was pleased to learned that her essay was accepted. After the summer edition is published more information will given as to how to locate the magazine.

Book Signing in Winnesboro, Louisiana
J. Moffett Walker had a book signing in Winnesboro, Louisiana, on February 28, 2014. She enjoyed the hospitality of the members and the Winnesboro community at their Twenty-Sixth Award Black History Heritage Banquet. This was her second book signing there.

Daybreak in Mississippi
Walker is still busy working on her memoir, Daybreak in Mississippi, and co-writing a biography, Fancy, about the well known late Vicksburg, Mississippi, community activist and businessman.

Sugarman: Andrew Daniel
The author, J. Moffett Walker, wrote a poem and participated, Saturday, March 29, 2014,in a hero's celebration. Andrew Daniel, whose nick name was "Sugarman," saved lives after the Clear Creek Bridge washed out on highway 80 seventy-five years ago. Not only did he save lives, he pulled bodies from the deep creek too. Walker's poem, "Sugarman": A Courageous Edwards, Mississippian" told the story in rhyme of the hero's acts. That evening 24 people went into the creek during the heavy rainy night around 9:00 P. M. Unfortunately, 16 people lost their lives while about 8 survived. Sugarman's family, relatives of survivors, and those who lost their lives including Edwards' citizens and well-wishers attended. Edwards, Hinds and Warren counties sponsored the well-attended gala event.